2015-16 Gardner-Webb Cheerleading Tryouts

2015-16 Gardner-Webb Cheerleading Tryouts

BOILING SPRINGS, N.C.- The Gardner-Webb cheerleading team will conduct tryouts for the 2015-16 school year, on April 25-26 in the LYCC gymnasium, on the campus of Gardner-Webb University. 

Dates: April 25,26

Location: Lutz-Yelton Convocation Center Gymnasium (LYCC Gym)

Times: Start at 9am Saturday. Done no later than 5 pm Sunday. 

Contact: Coach Lenea Walker @ lwalker6@gardner-webb.edu 

About the Program

We cheer mostly the entire school year supporting our football and basketball teams, while always striving to wrap up the season in Daytona Beach, Florida at NCA Nationals.  We've had the unbelievable opportunity during football season to experience cheering against big name teams like NC State, Wake Forest, and Georgia Tech.

We currently compete in the Intermediate All-Girl Division I. At NCA Nationals we have been ranked as high as 2nd in prelims and finished several times in the top 10 in the nation. 


Being able to perform standing 2 back handsprings is required to be eligible to make the squad but a standing tuck is a great bonus.

A round off two back handsprings is also required but round off tuck or round off back handspring tuck is definitely a plus and encouraged to be working towards.

If you do not have the required tumbling you can still tryout, but you will have to show us that you have potential to gain those skills during the summer break and sell us on the idea that you could be a great addition to our squad.


The more versatility you have the better.  We like knowing that when unfortunate accidents occur we can still move some people around and make stuff work.  Being open minded when coming into tryouts will help you a ton, especially if we begin switching you out of your comfort zone just to see what your full potential is.

Flyers- Need to be able to pull a lib, stretch, arabesque, scorpion, scale, and we strongly encourage bow-n-arrow.  Also, the flyer will need to be able to perform a heel stretch full down (double down is a bonus) and be open to at least attempting to full down from other body positions as well.

Bases - Need to be flexible in the positions they can base and be able to base all basic stunts and full downs.  They also need to have the ability to work well others in mastering elite stunts like 360 to the top, switch up, Rewinds, etc.

Coed – Guys need to be able to hit toss hands – extension.  Base multiple pyramids and any single leg stunts are appreciated.


All cheerleaders need to have a desire and passion to support ALL school teams and cheer their hearts out at football and basketball games. Must be positive and completely open to changes because we don't live in a perfect world, so things don't always go expected.  The coaches will expect you to continually push yourself to not only be better for yourself but for your team as well.


Happy to let you know that we do offer cheerleading scholarships.  We offer a $1500 base scholarship and your amount will increase by $500 each year you cheer, plus there is an additional $1000 scholarship if you make the competition team.  If you maintain at least a 3.0 or higher then you will also be rewarded with extra scholarship during the spring semester.


There is a fee that all cheerleaders must pay to be a part of the team. It will be between $350-$450.  It covers camp, practice wear, shoes, bows, and many other goodies you receive throughout the year.

Video Entry

We STRONGLY encourage everyone attend the tryout weekend April 18th and 19th BUT if you can't make it because of other obligations or location, you need to let us know prior to tryouts.  We would love to still be able to meet with you in person so please contact us so that we can arrange to meet you and have a small practice time set aside for you.  In order to still be considered for the squad thought, you will need to fill out the tryout packet below and email it back to Coach Lenea along with a photo of yourself as well.  Along with emailing the packet you will also need to send in a video of your tumbling on a dead floor, stunts that you are able to perform, 1 cheer, 2 chants, and a 4 eight-count dance.  The video and tryout packet will need to be submitted NO LATER than April 17th.

Tryout Fees

$10 - Video Entry

$15 - Returners

$25 - New Participant not needing hotel

$45 - New Participant needing a hotel for Saturday night $45 

$65 - New Participant needing a hotel for Friday and Saturday night

This helps cover judging expenses and meals.