@GWUWrestling Enjoys Busy Day, Places Seven Men In Top 6 At 2016 Wolfpack Open

@GWUWrestling Enjoys Busy Day, Places Seven Men In Top 6 At 2016 Wolfpack Open

RALEIGH, N.C. – Gardner-Webb enjoyed a very busy day at the 2016 Wolfpack Open, taking home seven top-6 finishes against an always challenging field.

Tyler Marinelli (165, 2nd Place), Hunter Gamble (184, 3rd Place), Boyce Cornwell (285, 3rd Place), Garrett Hancock (133, 4th Place), Ryan Mosley (157, 4th Place), Austin Trott (174, 5th Place) and Chris Vassar (149, 6th Place) each wrestled well on Sunday. The Runnin' Bulldogs, facing their first tournament field of the 2016-2017 season, led the event with 13 pins (42:10). Wisconsin ranked second in that category with 12 pins (37:24), with the next closest team finishing with eight pins.

Gardner-Webb finished fourth in team match points (373), trailing first-place NC State, Air Force and Wisconsin. A total of 35 teams participated in Sunday's action.

Marinelli rolled through his bracket at 165 pounds, picking up a major decision and tech. fall, before taking back-to-back decisions in the quarterfinals and semifinals. He dropped a 14-5 major decision to Wisconsin's Isaac Jordan – the 2016 NCAA runner up – in the first place match on Sunday. Jordan is currently ranked second in the country.

Hancock also rolled into the semifinals undefeated, sandwiching a pair of decisions around a pin. Hancock picked up a big decision in the quarterfinals, outlasting 13th ranked Esteban Gomez-Rivera by a 4-3 score. He dropped a semifinal match to NC State's Sean Fausz and lost, 4-0, in the third place match.

Vassar (4-2), Mosley (3-2), Trott (6-1), Kyle Ash (4-2), Gamble (3-1) and Cornwell (4-1) each had very productive – and busy – days. Gamble captured third place with a pin of Virginia Tech's Brooks Wilding in only 27 seconds.

Trott had two pins and a tech. fall in his six victories, and took a 5-1 decision over Campbell's Andrew Morgan in the fifth-place match.

Cornwell started red-hot at 285 pounds, pinning back-to-back opponents in a combined 5:42, before taking a 9-4 decision over Duke's Michael Johnson in the quarterfinals. He fell to NC State's Mike Kosoy in the semifinals, before bouncing back with a 5-0 decision over American's Brett Dempsey to win the third-place match.

The Runnin' Bulldogs are back in action on Friday, December 2, as they host ACC contender Virginia at 7:00 pm in Paul Porter Arena.

Gardner-Webb Results | 2016 Wolfpack Open

125: Landon LoAlbo (1-2)
Drew Romeo (Air Force) dec. Landon LoAlbo (Gardner-Webb) (14-9)
Landon LoAlbo (Gardner-Webb) pin fall Artur Hofer (Gardner-Webb) (0:24)
Gage Curry (American Unattached) dec. Landon LoAlbo (Gardner-Webb) (5-2)

125: Artur Hofer (0-2)
Isaac Dinette (Unattached) pin fall Artur Hofer (Gardner-Webb) (6:11)
Landon LoAlbo (Gardner-Webb) pin fall Artur Hofer (Gardner-Webb) (0:24)

125: Zac Thomas (0-2)
Thayer Atkins (Duke) pin fall Zac Thomas (Gardner-Webb) (Fall 5:20)
Hunter Lucas (Maryland) major dec. over Zac Thomas (Gardner-Webb) (12-1)

133: Jeyson Guardado (0-2)
Dylan Hyder (Air Force) pin fall Jeyson Guardado (Gardner-Webb) (2:21)
Thierry Washington (Appalachian State Unattached) dec. Jeyson Guardado (Gardner-Webb) (6-1)

133: Philip Anderson (1-2)
Philip Anderson (Gardner-Webb) pin fall Robert Elliott (WVU Unattatched) (2:06)
Sean Fausz (North Carolina State) major dec. Philip Anderson (Gardner-Webb) (8-0)
George Micky Phillippi (Virginia unattached) sudden victory (SV-1) Philip Anderson (Gardner-Webb) (8-6)

133: Garrett Hancock (3-2) – 4th Place
Garrett Hancock (Gardner-Webb) dec. Tony Lattanze (VA/Southeast Regional Training) (6-1)
Garrett Hancock (Gardner-Webb) pin fall Jaquan Loney (Old Dominion) (3:24)
Garrett Hancock (Gardner-Webb) dec. Esteban Gomez-Rivera (American) (4-3)
Sean Fausz (North Carolina State) major dec. Garrett Hancock (Gardner-Webb) (10-1)
3rd Place Match: Cole Baumgartner (Duke) dec. Garrett Hancock (Gardner-Webb) (4-0)

141: Ryan Hull (1-2)
Ryan Hull (Gardner-Webb) dec. Jake Smith (WVU Unattatched) (6-1)
Zach Finesilver (Duke) tech fall Ryan Hull (Gardner-Webb) (15-0)
Kizhan Clarke (American Unattached) dec. Ryan Hull (Gardner-Webb) (7-6)

141: Dallas Roemer (1-2)
Ac Headlee (UNC Unattached) pin fall Dallas Roemer (Gardner-Webb) (4:15)
Dallas Roemer (Gardner-Webb) pin fall Brenden Ryan (Virginia Tech) (3:25)
John Twomey (Air Force) dec. Dallas Roemer (Gardner-Webb) (8-6)

149: Chris Vassar (4-2) - 6th Place
Chris Vassar (Gardner-Webb) pin fall Jordan Eley (Campbell University unattached) (2:40)
Chris Vassar (Gardner-Webb) dec. Jarrett Degen (Virginia Tech Unattached) (5-3)
Andrew Crone (University of Wisconsin) dec. Chris Vassar (Gardner-Webb) (4-3)
Chris Vassar (Gardner-Webb) pin fall James Dekrone (WVU Unattatched) (5:00)
Chris Vassar (Gardner-Webb) dec. Kennedy Monday (UNC Unattached) (16-13)
5th Place Match: Beau Donahue (North Carolina State) dec. Chris Vassar (Gardner-Webb) (6-3)

157: Cole Graves (1-2)
Jared Scharenbrock (University of Wisconsin) major dec. Cole Graves (Gardner-Webb) (16-5)
Cole Graves (Gardner-Webb) dec. Joey Abbate (Duke) (9-2)
Alex Mossing (Air Force) pin fall Cole Graves (Gardner-Webb) (5:13)

157: Ryan Mosley (3-2)
Ryan Mosley (Gardner-Webb) dec. Cole Moseley (American) (4-0)
Ryan Mosley (Gardner-Webb) pin fall Alex Mossing (Air Force) (9:00)
Ryan Mosley (Gardner-Webb) sudden victory (SV-1) Izaec Quintanilla (Wisconsin) (3-1)
Hayden Hidlay (NC State-Unattached) dec. Ryan Mosley (Gardner-Webb) (6-2)
Austin Eads (Old Dominion) dec. Ryan Mosley (Gardner-Webb) (10-7)

165: Jacob Reames (0-2)
Michael Wright (Duke) pin fall Jacob Reames (Gardner-Webb) (1:54)
Joe Perino (Davidson College) major dec. Jacob Reames (Gardner-Webb) (12-1)

165: Christian Maroni (2-2)
David Bergida (Virginia Tech) dec. Christian Maroni (Gardner-Webb) (8-4)
Christian Maroni (Gardner-Webb) major dec. (Campbell University unattached) (9-1)
Christian Maroni (Gardner-Webb) dec. Garrett Neff (Duke unattached) (5-0)
Kyle Ash (Gardner-Webb) tie breaker (TB-1) Christian Maroni (Gardner-Webb) (2-1)

165: Alex Bennett (0-2)
Garrett Griffith (Maryland) dec. Alex Bennett (Gardner-Webb) (4-3)
Michael Eckhart (American) dec. Alex Bennett (Gardner-Webb) (3-1)

165: Tyler Marinelli (4-1) – 2nd Place
Tyler Marinelli (Gardner-Webb) major dec. Abner Romero (Old Dominion Unattached) (10-2)
Tyler Marinelli (Gardner-Webb) tech fall Garrett Neff (Duke unattached) (20-2)
Tyler Marinelli (Gardner-Webb) dec. Tyler Wiederholt (Air Force) (6-2)
Tyler Marinelli (Gardner-Webb) dec. Thomas Bullard (NC State-Unattached) (4-3)
1st Place Match - Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin) major dec. Tyler Marinelli (Gardner-Webb) (14-5)

165: Josh Walker (1-2)
Thomas Flitz (Appalachian State Unattached) dec. Josh Walker (Gardner-Webb) (10-5)
Josh Walker (Gardner-Webb) dec. Michael Daughtry (Unattached) (7-4)
Garrett Griffith (Maryland) sudden victory (SV-1) Josh Walker (Gardner-Webb) (5-3)

165: Kyle Ash (4-2)
Kyle Ash (Gardner-Webb) pin fall Joe Perino (Davidson College) (1:09)
Kyle Ash (Gardner-Webb) dec. Charlie Andrews (Unattached) (8-4)
Tyler Wiederholt (Air Force) dec. Kyle Ash (Gardner-Webb) (9-4)
Kyle Ash (Gardner-Webb) dec. Ricky Padilla (Air Force) (4-3)
Kyle Ash (Gardner-Webb) tie breaker (TB-1) Christian Maroni (Gardner-Webb) (2-1)
Alex Lopouchanscki (Air Force) dec. Kyle Ash (Gardner-Webb) (3-2)

174: Austin Trott (6-1) – 5th Place
Austin Trott (Gardner-Webb) pin fall Kavoris Perry (St. Andrews University) (1:55)
Devin Kane (UNC Unattached) pin fall Austin Trott (Gardner-Webb) (4:59)
Austin Trott (Gardner-Webb) major dec. Brendan Burnham (Unattached) (8-0)
Austin Trott (Gardner-Webb) dec. Cody Hughes (Virginia unattached) (7-2)
Austin Trott (Gardner-Webb) dec. Stacey Davis (North Carolina State) (7-3)
Austin Trott (Gardner-Webb) tech. fall Terrell Forbes (Old Dominion Unattached) (17-0)
5th Place Match: Austin Trott (Gardner-Webb) dec. Andrew Morgan (Campbell unattached) (5-1)

184: Hunter Gamble (3-1) – 3rd Place
Hunter Gamble (Gardner-Webb) dec. Alec Schenk (Duke) (3-0)
Hunter Gamble (Gardner-Webb) pin fall Hunter Ritter (University of Wisconsin) (6:58)
Michael Macchiavello (North Carolina State) dec. Hunter Gamble (Gardner-Webb) (6-3)
3rd Place Match: Hunter Gamble (Gardner-Webb) pin fall Brooks Wilding (Va. Tech Unat.) (0:27)

197: Payton Mills (2-2)
Anthony McLaughlin (Air Force) dec. Payton Mills (Gardner-Webb) (5-2)
Payton Mills (Gardner-Webb) medical forfeit PJ Bernstein (North Carolina State) (MFF)
Payton Mills (Gardner-Webb) dec. Drew Barrett (Gardner-Webb) (4-3)
James Gottfried (American Unattached) pin fall Payton Mills (Gardner-Webb) (1:11)

197: Drew Barrett (0-2)
Malik McDonald (North Carolina State) major dec. Drew Barrett (Gardner-Webb) (15-2)
Payton Mills (Gardner-Webb) dec. Drew Barrett (Gardner-Webb) (4-3)

197: Terry James Henderson (0-2)
Jonathan Aiello (Virginia unattached) tech fall Terry Henderson (Gardner-Webb) (16-1)
Dylan Cook (Virginia Tech Unattached) major dec. Terry Henderson (Gardner-Webb) (17-3)

285: Jackson Price (0-2)
Jacob Kasper (Duke) pin fall Jackson Price (Gardner-Webb) (3:23)
Michael Boykin (North Carolina State) major dec. Jackson Price (Gardner-Webb) (18-6)

285: Boyce Cornwell (4-1) – 3rd Place
Boyce Cornwell (Gardner-Webb) pin fall Devin Washington (St. Andrews University) (3:38)
Boyce Cornwell (Gardner-Webb) pin fall Aaron Vaughan (SAU Unattached) (2:04)
Boyce Cornwell (Gardner-Webb) dec. Michael Johnson (Duke unattached) (9-4)
Mike Kosoy (North Carolina State) pin fall Boyce Cornwell (Gardner-Webb) (1:47)
3rd Place Match - Boyce Cornwell (Gardner-Webb) dec. Brett Dempsey (American) (5-0)

285: Andy Bennett (0-2)
Ali Wahab (Old Dominion Unattached) dec. Andy Bennett (Gardner-Webb) (5-1)
Zack Willard (Appalachian State Unattached) dec. Andy Bennett (Gardner-Webb) (3-2)