Cornwell, Vassar Capture Individual Titles At 2016 Cleveland State Open Saturday

Cornwell, Vassar Capture Individual Titles At 2016 Cleveland State Open Saturday

CLEVELAND – Chris Vassar and Boyce Cornwell each won individual titles in their respective weight classes Saturday and Gardner-Webb had six men finish in the top-8 at the 2016 Cleveland State Open.

Vassar, who picked up a key pin in Friday night's dual win at Kent State, continued to roll at 149 pounds on Saturday. The redshirt junior went 5-0 and scored bonus points in three of those five bouts.

He started with a pin of Lake Erie's Zach Ruggles in just 1:19, then took a major decision in the quarterfinals over Ohio's Nick Vestal. A 4-3 tiebreaker in the semifinals set up a title bout with teammate Cole Graves – with Vassar taking an 8-0 major for the crown.

Graves was strong as well, pinning Bucknell's Seth Hogue in the semifinals (4:22) for his fourth win of the day to set up the All-GWU finals match with Vassar.

Cornwell, who clinched Friday's win over Kent State with a decision in the final weight class, went 4-0 on Saturday with a pair of major decisions starting things off. He took a major over Bucknell's Rory Bonner (8-0) and followed with a 12-3 major over Virginia's Tyler Love.

The graduate student then pulled out a 3-2 decision over Buffalo's Nolan Terrance in the semifinals before blanking Bucknell's Tyler Greene in the championship match.

Ryan Mosley captured fifth at 157 pounds, going 5-1 with a pair of major decisions. Philip Anderson (2-2) finished eighth at 133 pounds and Drew Barrett (2-2) won a pair of matches in the consolation bracket to finish eighth at 197.

The Runnin' Bulldogs will break for the rest of the calendar year before getting back to action at the annual Southern Scuffle in Chattanooga on January 1-2.


125: Artur Hofer (0-2)
Jordan Gessner (Bucknell) pinned Artur Hofer (GWU), 2:26
Howard (Clarion) major dec. Artur Hofer (GWU), 18-6

133: Philip Anderson (2-2) – 8th Place
Philip Anderson (GWU) dec. Armando Torres (Eastern Michigan), 2-0 (SV-1)
Ben Lamantia (Michigan) major dec. Philip Anderson (GWU), 9-1
Philip Anderson (GWU) pined R. Beltran, 1:14
Armando Torres (EMU) dec. Philip Anderson (GWU), 2-1

133: Keegan Duncan (2-2)
Andy Shutz (Bloomsburg) tech. fall Keegan Duncan (GWU), 16-0
Keegan Duncan (GWU) dec. Terrell Grant (Cleveland State), 6-1
Keegan Duncan (GWU) pinned Brandon King (WV Tech), 1:02
Sa' Derian Perry (EMU) pinned Keegan Duncan (GWU), 2:46

133: Jeyson Guardado (0-2)
Mickey Phillippi (UVA) pinned Jeyson Guardado (GWU), 3:51
Armando Torres (EMU) major dec. Jeyson Guardado (GWU), 8-0

141: Ryan Hull (1-2)
Luke Pletcher (Ohio St.) major dec. Ryan Hull, 18-6
Ryan Hull (GWU) dec. Dallas Roemer (GWU), 8-3
Nick Zanetta (Penn) dec. Ryan Hull (GWU), 10-5

141: Dallas Roemer (0-2)
Andrew Merholz (VT) tech. fall Dallas Roemer (GWU), 18-3
Ryan Hull (GWU) dec. Dallas Roemer (GWU), 8-3

149: Chris Vassar (5-0) – Champion
Chris Vassar (GWU) pinned Zach Ruggles (Lake Erie), 1:19
Chris Vassar (GWU) dec. Malik Amine (Michigan), 4-2
Chris Vassar (GWU) major dec. Nick Vestal (Ohio), 8-0
Chris Vassar (GWU) dec. Sam Krivus (UVA), 4-3 (TB-1)
Chris Vassar (GWU) major dec. Cole Graves (GWU), 8-0

149: Cole Graves (4-1) – 2nd Place
Cole Graves (GWU) dec. Zachary Blevins (EMU), 13-9
Cole Graves (GWU) dec. Colin Toggas (Ohio), 6-0
Cole Graves (GWU) dec. Jimmy Devine (Buffalo), 10-3
Cole Graves (GWU) pinned Seth Hogue (Bucknell), 4:22
Chris Vassar (GWU) major dec. Cole Graves (GWU), 8-0

149: Joby Armenta (2-2)
Joby Armenta (GWU) dec. Lucas Oritz (Lock Haven), 4-3
Sam Martino (UVA) dec. Joby Armenta (GWU), 3-0
Joby Armenta (GWU) dec. Michael Resignalo (Edinboro), 9-2
Tyler Meisinger (Michigan) pinned Joby Armenta, 3:31

157: Ryan Mosley (5-1) – 5th Place
Ryan Mosley (GWU) major dec. Collin Boylan (Bucknell), 10-1
Ryan Mosley (GWU) dec. Jake Tucker (Michigan), 5-3
Justin Alexander (Maryland) dec. Ryan Mosley (GWU), 6-3
Ryan Mosley (GWU) major dec. Ryan Montgomery (Cleveland State), 13-1
Ryan Mosley (GWU) dec. Jake Tucker (Michigan), 4-2
Ryan Mosley (GWU) dec. JJ Diven (Ashland), 8-2

157: Josh Walker (1-2)
JJ Diven (Ashland) dec. Josh Walker (GWU), 8-3
Josh Walker (GWU) dec. C. Nemec, 7-5
Jake Tucker (Michigan) tech. fall Josh Walker (GWU), 16-0

165: Christian Maroni (2-2)
Christian Maroni (GWU) dec. Kade Byland (Kent State), 6-2 (SV-1)
Christian Maroni (GWU) dec. Thomas Flitz (Appalachian State), 4-3
Logan Kerin (Bucknell) dec. Christian Maroni (GWU), 6-4 (SV-1)
John Vaughn (Cleveland State) dec. Christian Maroni (GWU), 2-1 (TB-1)

165: Alex Bennett (1-2)
Alex Bennett pinned John Vaughn (Cleveland State), 1:54
Mitch Hartman (Bucknell) dec. Alex Bennett (GWU), 3-1 (SV-1)
Fritz Schierl (Ohio State) dec. Alex Bennett (GWU), 11-4

165: Kyle Ash (3-2)
Kyle Ash (GWU) major dec. Gabe Koontz (Indiana), 10-0
Kyle Ash (GWU) dec. Grayson Davis (Ohio), 6-0
David McFadden (UVA) major dec. Kyle Ash (GWU), 11-1
Kyle Ash (GWU) dec. Fritz Schierl (Ohio State), 8-2
DJ Hollingshead (Bucknell) dec. Kyle Ash (GWU), 7-5

197: Payton Mills (2-2)
Payton Mills (GWU) pinned Jacob Parker, 4:45
Isaiah Wheeler (Lake Erie) dec. Payton Mills (GWU), 13-8
Payton Mills (GWU) tech. fall Chris Droege (Lake Erie), 16-0
Edgar Ruano (Clarion) dec. Payton Mills (GWU), 6-5

197: Drew Barrett (2-2) – 8th Place
Jay Aiello (UVA) pinned Drew Barrett (GWU), 2:29
Drew Barrett (GWU) dec. Dylan Cook (UVA), 7-4
Drew Barret (GWU) medical forfeit Trey Hartsock (Lock Haven)
Jay Aiello (UVA) dec. Drew Barrett (GWU), 6-5

285: Boyce Cornwell (4-0) – Champion
Boyce Cornwell (GWU) major dec. Rory Bonner (Bucknell), 8-0
Boyce Cornwell (GWU) major dec. Tyler Love (UVA), 12-3
Boyce Cornwell (GWU) dec. Nolan Terrance (Buffalo), 3-2
Boyce Cornwell (GWU) dec. Tyler Greene (Bucknell), 7-0

285: Jackson Price (0-2)
Nolan Terrance (Buffalo) dec. Jackson Price (GWU), 2-0)
Andrew Dunn (UVA) major dec. Jackson Price (GWU), 11-1

285: Lathan Bumgarner (0-2)
Tyler Greene (Bucknell) dec. Lathan Bumgarner (GWU), 6-3
Edwin Rubio (UVA) dec. Lathan Bumgarner (GWU), 4-1